Last minute essay writing: Write my essay in 6 hours, please!

You know how people say that school problems are nothing comparing to real-life issues? Well, they clearly have never done last-minute essay writing. The feeling is impossible to forget: you are constantly taking a peek at the clock, seeing as the time flies by faster than ever, think of every free minute you ever had and wonder - why on Earth didn't I do this earlier?

Who can I ask to write my essay in 6 hours?

According to Harvard University, writing essays is all about structuring the time. Well, what if you failed? The good news is, even if you ended up in this situation, it’s not all over for you. There are still some tips that can help you to solve the problem. We collected the best methods that will help you to write your papers in 6 hours or even better, find someone who will write it for you.

Step #1 - Don’t freak out

Worrying doesn’t help - for whatever it’s worth, it’ll only make you more unfocused. In order to gain control over your time, especially if it’s limited and the task is big, you need to take a deep breath - literally.

Let’s analyze your options. You have a couple of possibilities here. You can try to write it on your own and it’s great if you know how to write fast. But what if you’d rather have another person to write it for you? What can possibly agree to the request like ‘Write my essay in 6 hours?

Step #2 -Try seeking friendly help

Okay, for 99% percent of people this method won’t work but maybe you are the lucky exception. Generally, students don’t like to ask for favors, especially if they are limited on time. It can feel a little embarrassing, especially since no one likes to come off as the person who uses friends. But still, asking won’t hurt.

How to approach this? Instead of describing how bad your situation is (something along the lines ‘please write my essay in 6 hours because I don’t have time’), try pointing out other person’s skills and make sure your friend feels complemented about writing capacities. In other words, you don’t ask for a favor because you are in such a miserable situation but because you believe that this person can perform the assignment on the top level. However, if you try this method often, it’s not going to work - so apply the advice wisely.

Step #3 - Ask for a deadline extension

That’s a risky method because you need to give your professor some time to answer and if that happens later rather than sooner, you are left with even less time. Still, doesn’t hurt to try.

The question is, how to do it right without seeming disorganized and unmotivated even itf it’s true? The key steps here are to avoid asking about big extensions and don’t be too miserable about yourself. Express your gratitude and briefly explain the situation. Don’t bed and don’t flatter - keep it professional.

Step #4 - Go to your family

Who’s always got your back even in the most complicated situations? Of course, your parents, and maybe siblings- but that depends on how good your relationship is. Most likely, your family members will not be willing to help you with the entire essay but they could definitely assist in writing a beginning - the part that often keeps students stuck.

Step #5- Go to professionals

This option is definitely both most realistic and secure. When you find academic help on the professional service, you can be sure of the quality of the material and know that it will be delivered on time. Sure, there are some exceptions, especially if you managed to find a fraud service.

Still, there are some concerns that, however, are easily solvable. Let’s take a look at the most important ones.

  1. Price. Obviously, you have to pay for each piece you order. This usually isn't big money but if you are broke, you might have to ask someone for money. Still, there are a lot of affordable options on the market considering the wide choice of services and platforms.
  2. You need to place the order and choose the writer quickly. if you need an urgent essay, you can take too much time to make a choice. So hit those reviews and pick the best platform on the shortest notice.
  3. Make sure your anonymity is protected well. Sure, most writing services treat the personal data of their clients responsibly, still, wouldn’t hurt to make sure.

Other than the described concerns, the method definitely the most comfortable because you can have guarantees that your six-hour paper will be delivered in time and correspond with your professor's requirements.


Whatever you choose, keep in mind that 6 hours is a short period of time and you need to think quickly. Don’t panic though, with the choice of options that big, you’ll definitely figure something out in time. Thoughts like ‘I can’t write my paper in 6 hours’ don’t help but just make you more nervous. Start doing something about it - and the methods above are a good start.